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Julia Chung, PhD, ACC

Bamboo Insights LLC
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Julia is a storyteller who uses stories to connect different worlds. Born and raised in Taiwan and have lived in Michigan, Germany, New York and now in Chicago, Julia speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, English, Taiwanese, and a little Japanese, Thai and German. Her Chinese first name, Hsin-Yen, means “speaking from the heart” (心, Hsin = heart; 言, Yen = speaking or language).

Julia is a statistician who connects Math and Science. As a “storyteller for numbers”, she works with scientists to design better experiments by revealing the stories hidden behind the charts, tables and statistics.

Julia is an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC), an ADHD Coach, a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Connecting Science and People with stories and metaphors, she loves to coach with scientists who desire to share their ideas with the world, who want to make their science matter.

Julia holds a PhD in Packaging and a MS in Statistics in Michigan State University. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University and a student at ADD Coach Academy.


Barbara Luther, MA, Master Certified Coach

Wind Beneath Your Wings
Soaring Coaches Circle

With over 15 years as a professional coach, Barbara has logged more than 10,000 hours of individual and group coaching.  She has worn many different hats in the coaching world.  She is:

  • A Master Certified ADHD Coach through the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and PAAC’s Founding President
  • A Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a long-time Certification Assessor, and she was the 2006 ICF Annual Conference Co-Chair and the Conference Bookstore Chair for 6 annual conferences
  • Director of Training at the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) and co-author of ADDCA’s ICF-accredited Comprehensive Coach Training Program curriculum
  • A Certified Teleclass Leader who has trained over 3,000 coaches through various programs such as Coach U, Corporate Coach U, the International Coach Academy, and the ADD Coach Academy
  • An Advanced Certified Corporate Business Coach and a Professional Mentor Coach through CoachInc.
  • A popular speaker at ADHD and coaching conferences and a senior leader in her local coach chapter
  • Author of The Heartful Business Plan workbook for coaches
  • Host of Soaring Coaches Circle, an ongoing learning community for coaches
  • Author of the ADHD-Aware VA Workbook and developer of a training program for virtual assistants who wish to become ADHD-aware, appreciative, and usefully supportive

Prior to coaching, Barbara taught English and business communication on the college level and was a technical writer then online information design project manager/consultant in a variety of industries – banking, insurance, manufacturing, and health care.

Barbara has always been an academic at heart, an avid reader, and fervent book pusher.  She grew up reading mythology and folk tales from around the world and did her honors thesis on moon myths.  She was introduced to science fiction and fantasy in college and went on to be a member of the Science Fiction Research Association, a speaker at an SFRA conference, and a contributor to the Reader’s Guide to 20th Century Science Fiction (1989).  She taught college courses on science fiction creative writing, Ray Bradbury’s work, and women science fiction writers.  She also co-taught a class on early apocalyptic literature compared to apocalyptic science fiction.

As a coach, Barbara loves to explore clients’ stories and metaphors to see how they, together, can use them to support change and grow a foundation of empowering stories to support each client’s self-perception and goals.  Barbara loves to help her clients create, appreciate, and remember their powerful, unique personal stories.

Barbara specializes in working with adults and families impacted by ADHD to rewrite their stories from feeling ‘broken’ and ‘less-than’ to confident and appreciative stories of their unique brain wiring and ADHD strengths.  She speaks regularly at ADHD and coaching conferences and for various professional groups.  Some of her recent talks include:

  • Leveraging Sweet Wisdom:  Helping Clients Learn About Their ADHD via Comic Strips
  • The Ladder to Success:  Leveraging an ADHD-Trained Virtual Assistant to Support Your Coaching Business
  • Applying Emotional Freedom Technique for ADHD Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Rumination
  • Could I Have ADHD?
  • Understanding the ADHD Brain for Successful Weight Management
  • Understanding the Neurodivergent ADHD Brain:  Key Concepts, Strengths, and Strategies
  • Neurodiverse College Students in the 21st Century:  Insights Educators Can Use
  • Keys to Working Effectively with Your ADHD Entrepreneurial Clients
  • Embracing Our Neurodiverse Minds as a Challenge to the Negative Perceptions and Prejudices Surrounding the ADHD Label
  • Success Strategies for Creative Inattentives
  • From Forgotten to Finished:  Strategies for Inattentives

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