When one door closes, go through the window.
- Anonymous

Once upon a time…and in syndication…there was a popular game show. Contestants were selected based on their energy and outrageous costumes. The MC would select a contestant, who would stand next to him, sweating profusely, as they tried to decide which ‘door’ to choose. Door Number One might be hiding a clunker, or a gag gift. Door Number Two might be concealing a new vacuum cleaner and a set of attachments. Door Number Three might ultimately reveal, “a BRAND NEW CAR!”

You guessed it, Monty Hall’s, Let’s Make a Deal television show was an extremely popular show back then, which has been ‘updated,’ and is now, back on the air today. What was the attraction of the program? The contestant (and the viewers) never knew what would behind any door, “or the box where Carol Merrill was standing,” until they made their choice. We empathized with the contestants, who gambled everything for a mule, or made it into the finals, and won the grand prize.

On a more serious level, coaches help clients make choices in life too. Throughout their lives, clients will have ‘doors’ open up offering them new opportunities. Sometimes the doors lead nowhere or the opportunities behind them are real duds. Opening these doors may actually impede your client’s forward momentum toward their goals.

Sometimes your client will choose a ‘door’ which initially appears like a winning choice, but over time, may turn out to be less than they expected. Once the excitement wears off…and the reality sets in…who really wants to win a vacuum cleaner, so that they can do even more housework?

So what is the key to helping your clients choose their ‘dream’ door, so that they can win the grand prize? Help them to find their passion. Help them to find their life purpose. Help them to identify the goals and actions steps needed to live their dream. Encourage them to persevere, so that they won’t be tempted to give up, any time a smooth talking, Monty Hall comes along, and tries to get them to settle for, or trade for, less than the grand prize.

Finally, on those occasions when it seems as if the prize door has slammed shut in your client’s face, help them to re-group and look for a nearby ‘window’, or another access point they can crawl through to claim the same prize.

[Coaching Questions]

  • Are you willing to play the game with all of the energy you can muster?
  • What kind of contestant are you? Will you settle for ‘the box, where Carol Merrill is standing’…or will you play the game until you win the grand prize?
  • What is your ‘grand’ prize?
  • What doors must you open, or windows must you crawl through before you’re awarded the grand prize?
  • Are there doors you need to shut, or a window you need to open, to come closer to winning your grand prize?
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