What’s in Your Wallet?

“A father carries photo memories in his wallet, knowing his money was well spent.”
-Tom Baker

There was a man, who was given the opportunity to take an ‘all expenses paid’ trip around the world. The man spent weeks eagerly researching the sites he would see, reviewing his itinerary, and gathering the personal items he needed for the journey. Finally, the long awaited day arrived!

As the man set out on his trip of a lifetime, he became preoccupied with the thought that he might lose his wallet, and everything it contained. All along the journey, and practically every few minutes, the man would check, and re-check, and check again; to make sure that the wallet and its contents were still safely in his possession. Sadly, when the man returned from his trip, he realized that he had no memories or recollection of the fabulous sites he had visited along the journey, because of his obsession with the preservation of his wallet, identification, passport, credit cards, and cash.

Wallets are a convenient means for carrying ones identification and valuables. Yet, the contents of our clients’ wallets can be revealing. Their ‘identification’ can reveal much more than just your clients’ name, address, age, picture, and physical description. The amount of money and the type of credit cards (Black, Platinum, and Gold) your clients are carrying, can reveal much more than their shopping preferences and habits. It’s been said that if you want to know ones priorities in life, take a look at their checkbook register.

One pitfall is that our clients associate their uniqueness, their value, and their contribution to the world, by the style, size, and contents of their wallet. They may feel that having a designer wallet, which contains all of the popular credit cards, proves to everyone that they have ‘arrived’ and that they have accomplished great things. Yet we all know persons, who have tattered and empty wallets, who have achieved great things, and persons with a decent wallet, who are unfulfilled.

Another pitfall is that clients can become so obsessed with the status quo, they are afraid to take risks, even if it means they’d experience the life they’ve always dreamed of living. One final pitfall  is that clients become so preoccupied with their wallets that they miss out on sites along their marvelous journey…and at life’s end; they’ll have no photographs or fond memories of where they’ve been.  

[Coaching Questions]

  • What’s in your wallet?
  • Do you, or does society, let what’s in your wallet define who you are?
  • Are you so preoccupied with the style, size, and contents of your wallet, that you are missing out on living life to the fullest?
  • If your wallet is empty, how do you still have value and fulfillment?
  • What can you do if your wallet contains the ‘right things’, but your life still feels empty?
  • Do the photos in your wallet reveal ways your money was well spent?
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