The Art of Surfing

“The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.”
- Kelly Slater, Professional Surfer

[Picture: Champs Scott, Tyler & Zoey Chandler, 2007 Loews Coronado Dog Surfing Champs]

Life is indeed a vast ocean – full of endless possibilities, as well as challenges which big waves represent. And, we, who live it, are the surfers, who in order to succeed, must learn how to brave the waters.

Sometimes, people wonder how they could surf through life when it seems so complicated and too hard to handle. What they don’t know is that it’s just a matter of balancing – something that is nowhere near easy but with a little bit of determination, perseverance and faith, one will eventually master.

Learning how to surf is actually a step-by-step process and not something which is achieved overnight.Read on and this article might just be of help when you have decided to start with the process.

Not all the time the ocean will be calm. There will be times that big waves will come and you have no choice but to face them. No one surely wants to be caught off guard and stumble from their boards, right? That is why it is a must to know what to do when waves come on your way. But don’t be too nervous and don’t be too hard on yourself if ever you find it hard at first. Everyone goes through that stage.

One must start with lying flat on the belly. It seems like a very lowly position, you may think. To be honest, it really is. But we must be willing to start with such a lowly position in order for us to be able to stand firmly on the board later on. Those who are not willing and persist to start by standing up will eventually fall down even before the big waves start coming.

But we must also remember that we shouldn’t stay on this position forever. We must know how to push ourselves up. It might take you sometime to master it, but be patient and time will come that all of the difficulties you experienced on standing up from a lowly position will bear its fruits.

When you can finally push yourself up, stand on your board in such a way that you will not easily fall – one foot ahead of you and the other, behind.Be brave and with your head up high, go through the waves. It may seem a little frightening at first, but you’re already there and you have to face it for you to move forward, unless you want to get stuck in that particular part of the ocean and be left behind by your fellow surfers.

Then again, you should remind yourself that the chance of losing balance is not eliminated once you learned how to surf. It may even take time before you regain it. But that shouldn’t stop you. Challenge yourself to move forward and go on to the next level despite the risks.

Going on to the next level doesn’t only mean getting back up after you stumbled, it also means letting others join you in surfing. And when you do, they become your responsibility. You may be used to being alone without having to worry about anyone and may believe that it’s better but, believe it or not, having somebody – may it be your daughter or your beloved dog – surf with you is a lot more fun. Just make sure you are able to take care of them and guide them in facing the waves.

Unfortunately, waves don’t only come once. They are dynamic and they come many, many times – in some cases, one after another. So we should always be prepared. It might seem daunting, yes. It’s what most people will surely think of upon knowing it. And actually, it is what’s wrong with them. They always think of it as a difficult task when, in reality, they can choose to enjoy it rather than to complain.

But no matter how waves come crashing one after another, they will eventually end. Most of the time, waves come to us even we don’t want them to but when you have mastered surfing, you’ll even be surprised that you are even wishing for the next wave to come your way.

[Coaching Questions]

  • What does balance mean to you?
  • What’s missing?
  • Who moved your cheese?
  • What’s next?
  • What’s the first step?
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